Tuesday, July 10, 2012


FREE Poker Odds Calculator at Carbon Poker

Improve your game with this great tool from Carbon Poker. Run this program in the background while you are playing a tournament or a ring game to utilize hand probabilities, win odds, pot odds, and opponent patterns to give you the best possibility to win. This tool also has a hand replayer built in to help you analyze your game and become a better poker player.

Save time and stop doing your own calculations.  Take the guess work out of your game. Know your hand strength at a glance, or win odds as a ratio or a percentage. Also know your pot odds quickly as a percentage or a ratio. Know your EV on every hand. See what group your hand falls in to make better starting hand selections.

Use the FREE HUD while playing. This tool alone gives you valuable information on your opponents while playing. Know their VPIP (Voluntarily Puts Chips in the Pot) percentage. This gives you an idea of how loose or tight your opponent plays.

Here is the link to the Pot Odds Calculator  User Guide for more detail and in depth information.

Good Luck and See You At The Tables!

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