Saturday, November 21, 2015

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Developing Your Story

Developing Your Story

Why do we need to develop our story? So we can connect to people. So people can believe in us. Our story is our credibility.

Why should people do business with you? Why should people trust you, or follow you, and opt in for your newsletter, emails, eBooks, free trail offers, videos, and courses? Why? Because you are unique, and your story is your unique selling proposition(USP).

Every day, I read a passage from a book published in 1975 called, "Daily Help", by the good Reverend Charles Haddon Spurgeon born at Kelvedon, Essex in England. Reverend Spurgeon had a very large following and he delivered many sermons during his life time. Reverend Spurgeon was born on June 19, 1834 and died in France on January 21, 1892. These readings encourage my heart and inspire me everyday. 
And, if I live my life by the example of Christ, I will be successful in business, and in life.

My passion is to do what I love which is being a business owner and being my own boss. I'm not happy with my current status of living paycheck to paycheck and trading my time for money. All I am doing is surviving, although surviving is a good thing. I am passionate to be a greater person.

What was Jesus Christ's passion? What was the Passion of Christ? His passion, or purpose in life was to die for us. He came to do what God sent him to do. His passion went forth from "everlasting".

So, how does your passion compare? Is your passion just as intense? Does your passion go forth into Christ? Do you often start out living your passion, and then quit? I have. (I'll tell you more about my shortcomings in future posts.)

Every time the going gets tough, many of us want to quit. I'm not sure about you, but fear has been an extremely crippling emotion for me. What if I crank my passion up to be greater than my fear?

Correctly so, we should evaluate our fears and replace them with knowledge, wisdom, and "everlasting" passion. Our passion should go forth from "everlasting" which develops our story and brings us closer to Christ.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lose Weight with Smoothies

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Poker Strategy Tips: Pocket 88's Tournament Hand Analysis

This is a hand I played during a 1K Gtd Turbo $1.10 Rebuy (82015859).

Blinds 75/150 Ante 15

My Position : UTG +2

Hand 104 is a hand I played before the re-buy period ended and the add on period began.

Two players on my right fold. I have a stack size of 3399. I open for a min raise of 300 with Snowman Pocket 88's.

 Everyone folds to the SB with 3012 chips who calls with A10o.
With only 23 hands of HUD stats, the player appears to be loose and passive, and he could be calling with a fairly wide range with 26/9 stats for VPIP and PFR.

The nitty player with a stack of 2257 after posting the BB blind folds. I think this maybe a mistake because he was obviously priced in to call with any two cards. The key here is to play well with any two after the flop because you don't want to get trapped with the second best hand, so you have to know when you are beat and be able to get away from hands as strong as two pair. If you feel you don't play well out of position post flop, then it is better to fold these hands in this spot.

We are heads up and the pot is 885 and the flop comes 10c Ks 9c.

 This is a bad flop for pocket 8's. The SB with a stack of 2787 checks to me. Here is where I take a few moments to analyze what hands he may have flat called and checked to me with.

Loose passive players will call a small bet with a small pair to see a flop, maybe a King with a decent kicker, and also probably any Ace. The King on this flop is a big indicator he may have checked a King to me and I am certainly out flopped.

Passively, Villain checks the flop, and I elect to c bet 450, about half the pot.
Villain flat calls.

The turn is a harmless 4h. To no surprise, Villain checks again, and I check behind on the turn. With Villain's flat call on the flop and then check on the turn, I know I am beat. And with the player being passive, I'm not surprised he is checking the best hand to me since I have position and I was the pre flop aggressor.

The river bricks a 6s. And again, naturally Villain checks to me. And I check behind. I'm not thinking about running a daring bluff to try to get the Villain to fold a better hand in this spot because I am not in the tournament dynamic I am looking for to run big bluffs. In other words, I just don't need to do this right now.

The Villain tables A10o, and rakes the 1785 pot.

More of my analysis for this hand:

After the flop I feel I played the hand fairly well against an out of position passive player. If I would have just checked behind on the flop I may have saved myself 450 in chips as long as I stick to my read and fold if he bets.

Often, when I c bet with position, I will take down pots I would have probably lost if I would have elected to play passively and just check.

Also, I think my mistake in this hand may have been opening the hand for a minimum bet. I don't know for sure if the Villain would have still played this hand, but considering his proclivities, I believe he still would have played this hand this way, and overall, I played the hand well.

What do you think? Feel free to leave your questions and comments below. See you at the tables.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

What is Search Engine Optimization?

I am happy to announce I have started another business called Ocean Internet Marketing. Please look for my latest Facebook page and click on the 'Like' button.

This is a business committed to helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone thinking about starting a business, market themselves over the Internet and get more leads and more customers and make more sales.

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Use the "Download Ebook" button on the home page to receive your Free copy of Seth Godin's "Knock Knock". Seth is a proven marketing guru and has written many books on the subject of marketing. This short phamplet book has some excellent information about websites and what you should keep in mind when designing one.

Questions and Comments are always welcomed.  Thank you for visiting my blog today. Have a Great Day!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Our Prayers Are Answered by Bonnie Day

"Our prayers are answered;
each unspoken thought
And each desire implanted in the mind
Bears its own harvest,
after its own kind;
Who seeks to find
True wisdom shall
assuredly be taught.
But thorns of fate have thorny thoughts behind;
For out of our own hearts our lives are wrought,
Be on thy guard, my soul, lest wind-blown seed
Into the fertile soil of thought should fall
And lodging place within the garden wall
Be given to bitter rue or noxious weed.
Unspoken prayers bear fruitage. Love thoughts call
Forth into being every loving deed.
Idle or earnest, still our prayers are all
Answered according to our inward creed."
      -Bonnie Day