Thursday, March 31, 2016

My notes from "The Switch" by Ray Higdon

I have a habit of listening to successful people everyday, and this morning I was listening to Ray Higdon. Ray teaches network marketers how to recruit more reps. Ray Higdon can teach any Entrepreneur how to be successful in any business.

This morning, Ray, shared "The Switch" on Periscope. "The Switch" was the the mindset Ray had to have to go from foreclosure and being broke to making his first $10,000 in a month in network marketing.

Ray worked in corporate America doing his 45 year plan . He was working for someone else's dreams to come true. Ray was trading his time for money. He was doing something he felt he had to do. Not something he loved doing. And just by looking around, he knew it wasn't what he wanted to do the rest of his life. So, he left and started his real estate career in 2005. Ray was doing well, but when the market changed, Ray took a hard hit and lost it all. 

Ray became depressed and went into foreclosure and he started to beat himself up over it. He was in huge debt. He was hiding from bill collectors. (God knows I know what that's like.) It sucks. He was so negative about his life. (My friends and family can attest how negative I have been about my circumstances.)

Then, he made the switch from depression to anger. (I totally get it. I am very angry.) Ray believes you should be angry about your poverty. (I am.) It sucks. The switch was on changing his focus from poor me, to doing something about it. Instead of thinking about what is wrong with your life, make yourself so busy, you can't think about how bad things are. Think about all the work your doing to make changes in your life. Focus on the work instead. Someone told me once when I was in a bowling tournament many years ago that if I kept doing what I was doing I was going to keep getting what I've got.

And Ray, says you just have to stay hungry. Keep pushing forward. Don't give up. Then, all your hard work will pay off. I know how hard it is to go out there and talk to people and write blogs and send emails and launch websites and never make a dollar. I started an e-commerce website in 2010 and invested my last dollar and spent hours optimizing and doing keyword research , still nothing. Only one person bought a flashlight. I had to take the website down. I had to keep going and keep trying.

So, if you are trying to build something like an organization from home, stay focused and keep on believing in yourself and your higher power. And ask yourself, "Am I inspired, or am I defeated?" - Robert Kiyosaki 

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