Friday, April 15, 2016

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Free Coaching Friday Notes from Ray Higdon Valuable MLM Training

I look forward to Ray's Periscope every Friday and Facebook Live Stream where he offers tips on how to build your network marketing team. Ray delivers incredible value to the network marketing industry. Here are my notes from this past Friday's training. 

Ray asks his audience for questions about a stumbling block his audience is having recruiting people for multi-level marketing. If Ray likes your question, (which he will answer during the stream), he may send the viewer his Home Business Fast Start CD.

The first question was posted by San Diego Girl Pam. The question SDG Pam asked was, "I love my network marketing company and my product, do I brand both?" Ray suggests she focus on one thing. She should ask herself which one she likes best. Which one she is enthusiastic about the most. The product or the opportunity to start a home business.

Over the last 6 years, Ray has published over 1800 blog posts, therefore, running 2 blogs is probably very difficult. However, when you blog, Ray does not suggest blogging about your network marketing company because there is always some type of negative feedback about every company which can be found on the Internet. In my own words, there is always some unhappy camper in every network marketing company.

Peter from London, asked, "What is Posture?" Ray tells us, "Posture is the belief in something without the need for external acceptance or approval." Many people who join this business are persuaded in a negative way by their prospects usually because they have not been trained correctly, Therefore if you seek acceptance and approval from your friends and family, be ready for resistance, since most people do not have their own business. And, most have a job they do not like. Most people are not living the life of their dreams. And most people will not give you acceptance or approval of something which is not the paradigm so you will not find acceptance or approval of your network marketing company.  Research shows Millenniums will need over $2000 a month for retirement. Who is ready for that?  

Since this network marketing business is different, people will say it is a scam and develop all kinds of negativity about it. People will expect you to fail. Some will even tell you that you will fail and unless you let it get to you and let this stop you from pursuing your dreams, then you do not require acceptance or approval from others of what you are doing. If someone does not believe in network marketing, Ray does not let it bother him. One of Ray's clients, Robert Hollis, has generated over $46 million dollars in network marketing. You can read his book, "How Is That Working: A Roadmap from Rat Race to Freedom" here. Also available in Spanish here.

Ray's posture is this:

Someone comes to you and says buying electricity is a scam. Ray does not believe this nor allows it to bother him or stop him from achieving his goals. You believe in what you are involved in and you keep working on your business. 

Ray believes posture determines your failure or success in network marketing. You do not need to change people's belief or beg them to join. Ray does not have the desire to close every person he meets. He looks for people who are open and then goes from there. Ray encourages everyone to take this stance about their network marketing business.

If Ray wants to attract great clients, then Ray needs to be a great client as well. If you want great prospects, become a great prospect. Ask yourself what the traits are of the prospect you would like to find. Make a list. Here is my list:
  1. Positive mental attitude about owning their own business.
  2. Motivated to build a team of professionals.
  3. Wants an above average better life.
  4. Wants to be a better person interested in self-development.
  5. Is coach-able.
  6. Likes training.
Be the person you are looking for to join your team.

Happy Marketing!