Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Very Big Fish!

Today I had Another Big Fish On the Line!

Recently I caught a big catfish at the creek with a lure and I had a couple of dinners and the fish was excellent to eat!

Recently, I have been diagnosed as over weight and my blood has high levels of lipoids, therefore I have been going for walks with my neighbor and I am unable to eat fried food.

I cooked the meat from this fish in a cast iron skillet on my propane stove. I pan seared the fish with soy sauce, garlic, onion and a couple of slivers of Carolina Reaper my neighbor grows. (Do not eat whole Carolina Reaper like my walking neighbor did! It is the hottest pepper on earth and if you do eat it, be sure to have some ice cream handy just in case.)

The very next day I walked by the creek, I hooked another large fish. I believe it was a Florida Snook, but he got off by running the line against a channel marker in the creek. I went back there today and this very intelligent fish did it again. Now I have located this one person boat I need to catch this big fish.


Today, I had another big fish on the line. Watch my story on Snap Chat and go on my walk with me. Add @stella_davila.

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